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E. Kardia, N.M. Yusoff, Z. Zakaria and B. Yahaya (2014). Aerosal-based delivary of fibroblast cells for treatment of lung diseases. Journal of Aerosal Medicine and Pulmonary Drug Delivary 27(1): 30-34

Abstract :

Background: Cell-based therapy has great potential to treat patients with lung diseases. The administration of cells into an injured lung is one method of repairing and replacing lost lung tissue. However, different types of delivery have been studied and compared, and none of the techniques resulted in engraftment of a high number of cells into the targeted organ. In this in vitro study, a novel method of cell delivery was introduced to investigate the possibility of delivering aerosolized skin-derived fibroblasts.

Methods: Skin-derived fibroblasts were trypsinized and resuspended in growth medium. A syringe filled with cells (105 cells/mL) was attached to MicroSprayer® Aerosolizer, a device that can modify a liquid into an aerosol. The tip of the MicroSprayer Aerosolizer was channeled into a T25 flask containing growth medium. Survivability following aerosolization was observed on a daily basis. HeLa cells were used for comparison. The same aerosolization and culture methods were used to treat HeLa cells.

Results: One day following aerosolization, skin-derived fibroblasts showed no sign of vacuolation due to cell stress. They attached to the surface of the flask, indicating that most of them survived aerosolization. The surviving cells were also able to proliferate rapidly, forming a confluent monolayer of cells at day 4. In contrast, HeLa cells were unable to proliferate even after 21 days of culture.

Conclusions: This study provides the first evidence that cells can be aerosolized without the risk of low cell survivability and stress. The high survival rate of fibroblast cells following aerosolization illustrates the potential for delivering of such cells in future aerosol cell-based therapy to treat lung diseases.




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