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CaRC : Haematology

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1. General Procedure for Submission of Specimen

Most haematological tests are performed on blood specimens. Some tests, however, are performed on bone marrow aspirate. Type(s) of specimen(s) required for each test; the procedures for collection and preparation of each type of specimen are given in the following sections. Send all specimens immediately to the laboratory after collection.

A completed request form giving full particulars of the patients, the specimen and the required examination(s) must accompany every specimen. IT IS ESSENTIAL TO PROVIDE THE PATIENT’S IDENTITY CARD NUMBER. In the case of young children, the mother’s identity card number should be provided. Failure to do this may mean a delay in the despatch of results.

The clinician is advised to call the Haematology Unit of Cancer Research Centre for further information, appointment or consultation at telephone number: 03-26162709.

2. Collection and Preparation of Specimen


Aseptically collect blood into the appropriate container. If a bottle/tube containing an anticoagulant is used, mix the contents thoroughly and carefully by gently inverting or rotating the bottle/tube. Seal the bottle/tube and send it to the Haematology laboratory immediately. If delay is unavoidable, blood specimens collected in bottles/tubes containing an anticoagulant should be stored in a refrigerator. The specimens should also be kept cool during transport by the use of ice packs or coolant.



Specimen(S) Required


Special Notes

Chromosome Analysis:

a) Leukemia or myelodysplasia

1.0-2.0 ml bone marrow aspirate

Sterile tube with heparin and 5 ml RPMI 1640 with 5% foetal bovine serum

Must be:

a) collected under sterile conditions;

b) packed in ice during transport;

c) accompanied by a fully completed “Bone Marrow Cytogenetics Request Form”.

IMPORTANT: The sample should reach the lab immediately upon collection on Monday through Thursday morning except on the eve of any public holiday.

b) Fanconi’s anemia

10ml blood

Sterile heparinised tube

Must be:

a) collected under sterile conditions;

b) packed in ice during transport;

c) accompanied by a fully completed “Bone Marrow Cytogenetics Request Form”.

IMPORTANT: An appointment is necessary for the performance of this analysis. A control sample, matched for age and sex is required.

DNA analysis of alpha globin gene

2.5 ml blood

EDTA tube

Only performed on special request or for research purposes only. Please call lab for further information 03- 26162720.

DNA analysis of beta globin gene

2.5 ml blood

EDTA tube

 Specimen must be :

a) packed in ice during transport;

b) accompanied by  a completed Request Form Per Pat 301, a Full Blood Count Report and a Hemoglobin Analysis Report.

Haemoglobin Analysis

Leukemia Translocation Analysis

Array Comparative Genomic Hybridisation (Array CGH) tests

2.0-2.5 ml blood

2.5ml bone marrow or 5.0 ml blood

5.0 ml blood

Vacutainer® tube containing EDTA

EDTA tube

Sterile Vacutainer® tube containing heparin or EDTA

Special Notes

Offered for problem cases

only.  Please call Lab for

further information:


Specimen must be:

  1. packed in ice during transport;
  1. accompanied by a Full Blood Count Report.

IMPORTANT: Age of patient and date of blood transfusion (if any) must be stated in Request form.

Must be:

a) collected under sterile conditions;

b) packed in ice during transport.

Offered only on consultation for chromosomally-normal children with unexplained mental retardation, developmental delay and/or congenital anomalies.  Please call Head of Unit/Centre for further information 03-4041 2251.

Specimen must be:                 

a) from patient and both parents;

b) mix thoroughly and carefully by gently inverting or rotating;

c) send immediately or stored in refrigerator;

d) packed in ice during transport.




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