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Enviromental Health Forum 2012

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Enviromental Health Forum 2012

Environmental Health Forum 2012 is an annual forum organized by the Center for Environmental Health Research on 30 th November 2012 at Auditrum Ungku Omur , Institute of Medical Research and inaugurated by Dr Amal Nasir Mustafa, Head of Resource Centre for Medical Research, representing the Director of the Institute for Medical Research. A total of 170 participants from all over Malaysia Ministry of Health, Government Universities and Private, other ministries and other non-government agencies dealing with the environment have taken part in this forum. Sector of Occupational and Environmental Health, Ministry of Health Malaysia (KPAS), Engineering Services Division, Ministry of Health Malaysia, Penilianan Division, Department of Environment (DOE) and the Department of Environment, Malaysia (DOE) has joined forces with the Center for Environmental Health Research (PPKAS ) for the success of this forum.

This forum was exploring issues of current issues related to Health Impact Assessment (HIA) as "Health for all" concept; stakeholder participation, equity and communication. The role of DOE and MOH implement the "Health for All", EHIA in operation LYNAS; devolution of powers to the Ministry of Health Malaysia to conduct Health Impact Assessment (HIA), HIA challenges in managing for results; duplication of the Environment Quality Act (EQA), 1974 in the prevention, reduction, pollution control and environmental improvement in Malaysia. Forum is analyzing the differences between HIA, EHIA and EIA. The participants were exposed to HIA training modules, reports, guidelines and procedures for the application of HIA and EIA in preparation to bring participants to the level of implementation. The forum concluded with a question and answer session and a panel discussion chaired by Dr Muhammad Amir Kamaluddin, the Head of Environmental Health Research Centre.


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ehrcforum1Questions from participant

 ehrcforum2Poster Presentation

 ehrcforum3The Forum lead by EHRC Head Centre, Dr Muhammad Amir Kamaluddin.






































Questions from the Participant




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