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Objectives of Information Technology Unit

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Technology changes very rapidly, and needs are constantly shifting.  While balancing the costs associated with reliability, efficiency and availability of technology, it is our goal to also provide the most useful solutions available.

Our objectives are

  1. To develop and implement  support strategies and methodologies of effective use of information technology, with efficiently managed ICT resources, to achieve the mission and vision of IMR
  2. To implement policies and procedures necessary to ensure effective, secure, and appropriate use of the information resources and services
  3. To efficiently manage ICT procurement, and coordinate all requests to integrate new technologies, acquire new hardware or software, and replace obsolete equipment or services to meet an ever-changing environment
  4. To maintain reliable technological infrastructures, and provide continuous improvement and technical support to the IMR communications and data infrastructures
  5. To plan, organise and provide training that will enhance staff’s ICT knowledge and skills that are increasingly fundamental for workers in research institutions.


Quality Objectives

  1. To resolve at least 80% of total technical problems/complaints/requests received within supported operations from users in a month.  This target is reviewed from time to time to ensure continuous quality improvement.
  2. To provide at least 10 courses or consultative services a year to increase information technology literacy, exposure and skills of IMR staff that will be essential in the management, diagnostic laboratory services and research. 




IMR is a SIRIM accredited organisation (certificate number 2972).

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Our Location


Located at Jalan Pahang, 50588 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We operate from 8.00am - 5.00pm Monday - Friday. Click on the map image to launch Google Maps service.

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