Objectives of Integrative Health Information Unit

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  1. To conduct research on herbal medicines and T&CM according to evidence-based methods through secondary data to produce information (e.g., rapid review, scoping review, systematic review) that is useful for healthcare professionals and the general public.
  2. To collect traditional and scientific information on herbal medicines and T&CM modalities to produce key reference materials such as compendiums, ethnobotany and ethnopharmacological publications.
  3. To conduct pharmacognitive studies for the production of pharmacopoeia and monographs with the aim of elevating Malaysian medicinal herbs in an effort to build this industry as one of the main economic areas of the country.
  4. To create a collection of voucher specimens that can be used as records and reference materials for the purpose of validating the herbal medicines studied.
  5. To conduct bioinformatics studies on potential herbs via in silico methods, mathematical modeling and others to analyse and predict bioactivity and suitability of phytoconstituents for further studies, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic effects, as well as the impact of an herb/product on diseases.