Introduction to Administration Centre (ADMIN)

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The Management Centre for the Institute for Medical Research (IMR) comprises of three (3) Units i.e. Administration Unit, Human Resources and Finance Unit. In general, this Centre is responsible for   providing services that support the core activities of the Institute for Medical Research. The functions of the Units are as follows:-

Human Resources Unit

  • Human Resource Management,( services and manpower allocation) 
  • Manage pension matters,
  • Develop and maintain the  Personnel Information System (HRMIS),
  • Declaration of Assets,
  • Management of Promotion, Discipline and  Performance Evaluation.
  • Process applications for overseas travel
  • Manage Competency and In-Service Training Programmes

General Administration

  • Management of vehicles
  • Management of official functions and ceremonies
  • Procurement and Disposal of assets  
  • Management of stores
  • Building Management and Maintenance 
  • Ensure security enforcement and related issues.


Financial Management of the  annual budget for the Institute:-

  • To supervise, monitor and control the budget allocated and supervise annual expenditure
  • Create effective financial and expenditure control mechanisms through the Financial Management and Accounts Committee (JPKA)
  • Implement, coordinate and monitor the Electronic Financial System (eSPKB and eProcurement)
  • Improve the competency and efficiency of the staff in the  Finance Unit by conducting related training programmes.